The Gal Behind the Camera

“But God doesn’t call the qualified; God qualifies the called.” 

Mark Batterson

Hi There! 

My name is Taylor

woman looking into her nikon camera
My Photography Journey:

I have been taking pictures since the 8th grade when I received my first digital camera from my grandmother. I suppose she bought me a camera because I had a love for going through all of her many boxes/albums of old family photos. I wasn't looking back at posed photos of my family (although there we some). I was looking at the joy in the images that were just snapped. And that is what I try to capture in my photos.


  My passion is to capture beautiful moments that people can look back on for generations to come.  I love capturing natural! Natural laughs, natural tears of joy, natural cranky kiddos, and natural light!


Be advised- You won't do a lot of looking at the camera during your photo session. You will be enjoying your family and im just there to capture it. 


I am a Christ-follower, wife to the most amazing man, momma to two beautiful kiddos, and a proud dog mom.


I am a sucker for office supplies and I am a strong believer in lists. I am a lover of pretty much all food and energy bombs from Legacy Nutrition are an addiction of mine, I'm not sorry about it. I love adventures but I also enjoy being curled up on the couch watching a good movie; As of lately those movies would include Croods A New Age and How to Train Your Dragon. Local Chinese food is a must on movie nights

While I do enjoy adventure and a good hiking trail with lots of climbing. I also have a passion for planning, organizing, decorating, and learning!


I'm a dreamer