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What To Wear For Your Summer Session

Summer is coming to an end in just a few short months! So if you want a summer photo session now is the time to book it. Don't know what to wear?

Here are some tips for your summer session wardrobe!

Majority of my sessions are taken outdoors, with the exception of Fresh 48, events, and real estate sessions. With that in mind; you will probably be near a field of grass or a lot of trees, unless you have decided to do a downtown session. In this blog post you will learn what is best to wear for both session types!

. Park Sessions: a lot of grass and trees and maybe some water will be in your background. You don't want to wear a lot of green colors because your background will be filled with green. You want to lean more towards Navy, coral, denim, teal, yellow, maybe some neutral colors, and pastels.

. City Sessions: With city sessions you can wear the same thing that you would wear at the park, but you could now add green to your wardrobe!

All in all it really just depends on your personal style. Do you like patterns, do you like crazy colors, do you like neutral colors, do you like simple? The best advice that I can give you is to talk to your photographer. Tell your photographer the look that you are going for or what you like and they can help you decide on a color scheme and pick a location that will fit your needs.

Take a look at the photos below for examples!

Majority of my sessions are "country" sessions so you will see grass, trees, bridges, and things of that nature, but city sessions are just as amazing!

Here are some photos that I have taken that show perfect examples for summer wardrobes:

Here are some great outfit ideas that can be found on Pinterest.com

Pinterest is the perfect tool for you to use to get ideas, if you haven tried it you definitely should. Its a life saver!

Click the arrow on the right to slide through the photos.

The best places to find the perfect outfit:

. Old Navy or GAP- https://oldnavy.gap.com

. Target- https://www.target.com

and if you want to stay on a very reasonable budget I would also suggest:

. TJ Maxx- https://tjmaxx.tjx.com

. Marshalls- https://www.marshallsonline.com

. Burlington- https://www.burlington.com

That's all that I have for you this week. I hope that this helps prepare you for your summer session! You can book a session with MaePhotography by clicking the "Book a Session" tab, I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for viewing!


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