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Trip To Waco!

If you haven't been to Waco Texas, I recommend taking the trip!

My grandmother and I just got back from a fun trip visiting The Silos (and everything else related to the Magnolia empire)

We stayed in a cheap little b&b (mistake). It looked so cute, but it wasn't very clean and the air felt so wet! Granted is was raining and humid for most of our trip. But all of the other buildings we went to did not have that issue. Basically, if you decide to make the trip, I highly recommend staying at a hotel. Not only do you get free breakfast every morning, but on Sunday (when everything is closed) you can take advantage of the swimming pool and hot tub. OR you could also stay at one of the many fixer upper homes or even Chip and Jo's b&b.

Here is a peak at the b&b that we stayed in:

We found a roach on the floor, a spider on the pillow, and the ac unit hadn't been cleaned in a very long time ( I know this because it was spitting out black stuff all over the couch)

If you ever take this trip, I recommend taking a tour of Waco first thing! We made the mistake of taking the tour the day before we had to leave so we missed out on a couple of cool opportunities.

After your tour I recommend doing everything Magnolia (because lets face it, that's the entire reason your there)

. Magnolia Market

. Silos Baking Co.

. Magnolia Table

. Jimmy Don Signs

. Harp Design Co.

And based on the tour we took, there is still more to come!

After that, I recommend going to the Dr. Pepper museum and then to the house of Dr. Pepper himself!

(this is an opportunity that we missed because its only open on Saturday).

And you will hear of more cool places on your tour. Also, I would go in the summer. April is pretty rainy so again, you will miss out on some fun things.

(excuse the cell phone pictures)

On our tour of Waco we did get to go in one of the homes featured on fixer upper, that was such a fun experience! Check out The 3 Little Pigs home (season 1 I believe)

(Again, excuse the cell phone pictures)

Lastly, FOOD!

Eat a bunch of food when you go on a trip. In my opinion, thats just what you do on vacation!

So Eat we did. Of course you have Magnolia table and the food trucks (which were both amazing!) Our favorite food truck was actually the pizza truck, but we didn't get to try them all. There are also a lot of hole in the wall places that are really good. Such as Tropical smoothie (the Thai chicken wrap is amazing) and Cajun Craft. Both of these places left us wanting to come back for more, they were delicious!

My point is, on your vacation, pig out. pull up your map app and look for restaurants near you that have 4+ stars. Odds are you will enjoy it!

That was our trip to Waco!

There were some other fun highlights that I will never forget! But for those things grandma and I agreed, what happens in Waco stays in Waco ;)

All in all we had a blast and we would love to go again!

Thanks for reading!


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