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As some of you may know, I took a break from shooting weddings for a couple of years and this past year I decided to pick it back up again. I hadn't shot a wedding in such a long time and this amazing soul was willing to let me shadow her during one of her wedding sessions!

It was a blessing to work with Cat Satre, of Cat Satre Photography, on this beautiful wedding! I love when other photographers are willing to help other photographers grow and learn expecting nothing in return. Cat was SOOOOO fun to work with and she is probably one of the kindest souls I have ever met!

I am so excited for the upcoming wedding that I am shooting in February and feel much more prepared for it. If you are a new photographer or a photographer trying to figure out what your niche is, don't be scared to ask other photographers for help. Some of them may turn you down or offer to help you for a price, but it doesn't hurt to ask!

Just for the record, my door is always open. I feel so honored when someone asks me for help and if I can, I am more than willing to!

Here are some behind the scenes shot of my experience working with a fellow photographer!

She showed me how to stay on track, be organized, be friendly, how to set my camera, and the poses that she likes to do. I am so happy that I had the oppurtunity to do this before my own wedding session!

Thanks for reading!

- MaePhotography

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