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New Collections!

MaePhotography has created new collections!

If you have read my "About Me" section, you know that I fell in love with photography by looking at all of my grandmothers old photo albums. Photos of family members that I never had the pleasure of meeting, but here I am looking at them, holding them in my hand. I love that! I love looking back at the history of my family. I knew that I wanted to give that to other people. I wanted to help people capture precious moments with their family that they can look back on for years to come.

I used to do prints, but then it seemed like everyone was starting to go electronic so thats what I did. But I noticed that I had gotten away from the reason I started doing photography...THE PRINTS! Having clients actually be able to hold their photos in their hands and keep them in a photo album for their children and grandchildren to look back on like I did.

So the other day I asked people which would they rather get out of their photo session:

A. Digital files

B. Prints

C. Both

It came back as an almost even tie between digital files and both! So I have created new collections that offer just that!

Now clients will get a variety of prints in each collection (minus one).


How it will work:

First, take a look at all of the collection options and decide which one fits your needs

Second, schedule your session. Once you book your session MaePhotography will contact you to finalize the details (location etc.)

Third, lets take your pictures!!

Forth, we will schedule a follow up  "pick your prints" meeting where you will get to take a look at your photos and decide which ones you would like as your prints, what type of frame you would like (if you chose a collection that offers a framed photo), etc. At this time you may also add a la carte items to your order. 

Fifth, Receive your prints!

Sixth and final step, Refer MaePhotography to your friends and show off your awesome prints! Also subscribe to the MaePhotography blog and maybe even leave a facebook review!

I am so excited to bring you all something new! I can't wait to capture beautiful photos of your family!

Until next time,


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