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Lets Talk About Me

I have had a lot going on the past couple of weeks, and the weeks coming up are going to be just as crazy!

Lets talk about it:

Short story for March, there was fasting, baby showers, picking up new hobbies (planting succulents, which it turns out I'm pretty good at it)

Longer Story for April (or the very end of March)

This past weekend I had the honor of working along side Cat Satre once again. As always, it was a blast and she was amazing! Stay tuned for more on that in an upcoming blog!

Following that wedding session my husband and I went on date. We saw "How to Train Your Dragon 3" and it was awesome. We were the only ones in the theater with no kids, but it was so worth it. We then had a much need Qdoba date (my mouth is watering just thinking about it) and we ended the night with insight to a potential job opportunity for myself! We will see where that goes.

All in All, lats weekend was a blast!

Phone edits: Middle photo taken from Google:

Now let's talk about what's coming up. First off, I'm going on a trip to Waco with my grandmother and I am beyond excited. Again, stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on that!

Lastly, I have lots of sessions coming up! I'm really praying that Spring finally makes its appearance and we have some green on the trees and beautiful flowers all around!

Have you booked your Spring session yet!?

Pretty much, this is a short and sweet post to let you all know that there are a lot of fun blog posts coming your way! And I wanted to share a little bit about myself. You needed to know that I now have a passion for planting succulents, I love the How to Train Your Dragon movies, and Qdoba is delicious.

Thanks for reading!

- MaePhotography

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