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I love 2nd Shooting

I have been doing a lot of 2nd shooting lately. For those of you who don't know what second shooting means, its simply assisting another photographer. I have found that I absolutely LOVE to second shoot. It is stress free and you get to be apart of a magical day!

If any fellow photographers are reading this, feel free to add be to your 2nd shooter list!

This is a wedding that I did with the great Cat Satre, seriously she's the best, and as always it was a great time.

*Side note: What I love about Cat,

First off, what's not to love?

BUT one of my favorite things about working with her, is she's organized. I always know where I am supposed to be and what shots she needs me to get. She has a timeline that she has created weeks in advance after sitting down with her couples and it makes the day go by

So. Much. Smoother!

If you are a new photographer, a photographer who is interested in branching out into weddings, or even a photographer who already does weddings (but doesn't make timelines)

I HIGHLY recommend timelines!

on your timeline create a list of family photo groups so that you don't have any awkward moments with family members not wanting to be in the same photo as someone else (separated parents, etc.)

This wedding was on a SUPER hot day, but it was beautiful nonetheless! The Ceremony took place at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and the reception took place at Mustard Seed Gardens.

It was my first time at Mustard Seed Gardens and it was stunning! I can't wait to shoot there again soon!

Thanks for stopping by!


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