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First Trip to the Indiana State Fair!

I have finally been to the Indiana State Fair!

Lets take a little break from photography talk so you can see/ learn more about who is behind the camera.

This year was not only my sons first trip to the State Fair, but it was my first trip as well and we had a blast!

My husband took the day off of work and we had a fun family day at the fair. We tried new foods, favorite foods (Dippin' Dots), and we fed some adorable animals. Every time Ezra sees an animal his little face lights up and he starts to giggle, unfortunately we were unable to capture that on camera.

Although we had a wonderful time, my recommendation is to go on $2 Tuesday OR go whenever you have good coupons; otherwise you will spend a small fortune! Without our coupon we would have paid $31 for the two of us just to get into the fair. Not to mention, we know why everyone goes to the fair...FOR THE FOOD! Well you will spend at least $5 per person at any food station/truck, so there is that.

Moral of the story, if you don't have a coupon prepare a healthy budget before going to the State Fair.

I hope that this helps you plan for your State Fair trip next year!

Here are some photos of our experience (taken on my phone).

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