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Finding Myself

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

As a photographer, I feel it is important to find your own style. I have to admit its harder than it sounds (and even harder when you compare yourself to others). I have been taking photos for years now and I'm still perfecting my style. It's always nice to grow yourself and continue to better your work; however, as a photographer (or any kind of business really) its a good idea to have consistency. And when you're working on finding a style that fits you...consistency can be difficult.

After 8+ years I can say that I have finally found and editing style that I love!

**Tip for upcoming photographers: Stay true to yourself. I honestly knew that I preferred the bright and airy editing style over dark and moody, but it seemed like everyone was doing dark and moody. And if other photographers were doing it and making money, maybe that's why I wasn't making money. So I changed my style to see if that would bring in clients. It didn't, and I wasn't happy with the way my work looked. Don't change your work to please others!

With that said I do think that it is important to continue learning, growing, and bettering your editing style.

Since editing my work in a way that I am proud of, I have had more clients than ever before!

And to grow myself I have started to focus on how to make that style better, not how to change it to what I think people want.

The truth is, there are so many styles out there. If a potential client comes to you wanting a particular style that you don't offer, refer them to a photographer that does offer that style. Don't compromise your work to please someone, because in the end you will either have an unhappy client or you will be left in confusion second guessing the way you edit your photos (been there, done that, never again!)

More advise from me to new photographers: Find a seasoned photographer who knows what they are doing (and has and editing style that you love), who is willing to help you and answer any questions that you might have. I would even recommend coming on as their assistant before jumping into things on your own. Its always a good idea to have a good foundation!

You can even take workshops on how to use your camera to its fullest potential.

Here is a peak at my editing style over the past couple of years to my most recent editing style that I am loving!



Thanks for reading!

- MaePhotography

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