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This past Sunday we celebrated our little guy turning ONE!

We rented 5 East in Mooresville, Its a beautiful venue! You can get more information at halimaeevents.com

For my baby shower we did a woodland theme so I really wanted to stay on a similar theme. So we did a lumberjack birthday party!

I made all of the decorations by saving cans and buying mason jars and vases from goodwill (Also, a friend of mine was able to get a box of used lumberjack decorations for only $20 on Facebook Marketplace.)

My sister and her husband chopped one of their trees down to make me some stumps and everything else I already had at home, including the sticks from my front yard. So if you're on a budget, I recommend Goodwill or the Dollar Tree. The decorations were super cute and AFFORDABLE.

For food we had a chili bar, wild berries, pumpkin logs, fire flames, matches, and of course cupcakes.

What that translates into is a chili bar, fruit and dip, pumpkin roll, Cheetos, chocolate dipped pretzels, and cupcakes.

We didn't by tons of food, we bought enough for the amount of people that RSVPd. If the food ran out, it ran out, I didn't want to take home left overs and I didn't want to waist money on a bunch of food. It seemed to work out pretty well!

* Please excuse the poor quality in all of the photos. Some are cell phone images and we had technical difficulties with my camera *

At the end of the day your little man had a great time but was ready for bed!

A year goes by so fast, enjoy every minute!

We love you our precious one year old <3

- Mom & Dad

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