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Big News!

Tara and Opie have some exciting news!

It's a...G I R L !

I am so so excited to announce that Tara and Opie have brought a new member into their pack!

I am so so happy for this girl! (Well, all 3 of these girls)

Everyone meet Rue!

(Lots of exclamation points for lots of excitement)

These pups did SO well during their session. It's always fun working with pets, but this clan is extra special.

(Personal story coming your way)

I have been praying for this lady for years! And in 2019 not only did she decide she wanted to learn about Christ and start attending church, but she was also baptized in water and my heart is so overjoyed for her!

Congratulations Tara! I can’t wait to see where God takes you in this new year!

This session was full of fun and tons of cuteness. Check out these adorable pups!

If you would like photos with your fur babies, I'm your girl!

Thanks for stopping by!


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