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A Testimony

It's crazy to see God answer multiple prayers for 2 different people at the same time.

For those of you who don't know me, I am a stay at home mom and a business owner (MaePhotography).

When my husband and I had our son in 2017 we felt in our spirits that I should stay home with him. I left my job as a Teller Supervisor at a credit union to be a full-time mom. However, being home also allowed me to focus more on my photography business. Once our son reached the one year mark I felt very heavily in my spirit that I needed to focus on growing my business.

(Sidebar: I have a vision of going to cosmetology school and combing my photography career with my cosmetology career. You will hear more about that in the future)

I felt a stirring in my spirit to work on growing my business by going to school or diving into my photography. My husband wasn't quite ready for me to enroll in classes due to our financial situation (understandable). But I also wasn't sure what steps to take to grow my photography business either.

I prayed and prayed for God to give me some sort of direction.

(Going to school is a huge financial decision and something my husband and I need to agree on before I move forward with it.)

I was confused and at a loss, feeling like I hadn't heard from God in over a year (I saw this promise that he gave me but had no idea when or how he wanted me to get there). Nothing was happening for us financially and we were in a pickle, to say the least. I started applying for jobs out of fear that we weren't going to make it.

I decided to offer a few summer special's, but I needed to make advertisements. I reached out to two families from my church. At the same time, I had the idea to reach out to a local business, Royal Weddings and Events, to see if they would like to work together.

One morning, about a week later, I woke up to 4 messages. Two of which were jobs that I had applied for saying that they were going another direction. Another one was from Royal Weddings and Events saying that they would love to work with me and the last one was one of the families that I had reached out to (the family in this blog). The momma of the clan, Lilly, reached out to tell me what a huge blessing it was that I chose them out of all people to do a model call session for my advertisement.

(Sidebar: For this specific special offer I needed a family with a pet)

Lilly goes on to tell me that not too long ago she had a talk with her husband about how badly she wanted to get family photos with their dog! Their lab is 11 years old and they aren't sure how much time they have left with her. But they were not in a position to pay a photographer.


Just by her telling me how I blessed them, was a huge blessing for me! Between her saying that and Royal Weddings and Events saying yes, I felt like I was finally getting direction. I wholeheartedly believe that was Gods way of bringing me the clarity that I was searching for.

Not to mention It's a great feeling allowing God to use you to answer someone else's prayer!

God is so awesome!

But the story goes on!

The session that I offered this family was a model call session, a FREE session. After the session, this family turns around and blesses my husband and me with $100! What they didn't know was my husband still had almost a week until he would get paid again and we had no gas and no money for groceries. I prayed over that $100 the next day and asked God to stretch it. I went grocery shopping and bought ALL the groceries that we needed for the entire week and some of next week AND my husband and I both put gas in our cars allowing us to get to worship practice that same day!

A grocery trip that would normally cost us $60+ only cost us $30!!!

(I did ask permission to share this)

Now I know it's not normal for a business owner to post about their money problems for all of their clients to see. However, my goal with my business is to glorify God. If I can use this platform to share what God has done in my life, why not? Because one day, I know that I will be sharing another testimony with you. I will be sharing a testimony about how God grew my business and lead us out of debt. I am so excited to share that testimony with you, but until then, i'll share the testimonies that get me there.

Writing this I am reminded of an awesome song that I would love to share with you!

(I do not have the rights to this video/song)

Now meet the family that God used to answer my prayers.

It was so fun working with this awesome (and not to mention adorable) family!

Thank you for stopping by!

- MaePhotography

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