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9 Years Together

This past Sunday my husband and I celebrated 9 years together. Not 9 years married, but 9 years dating. Thats right, we still celebrate our dating anniversary.

We celebrated it before we were married, why change that? I think its still something to celebrate!

We went out for a nice lunch and then a movie. We had gift cards burning a hole in our pocket!

We dined at Cheese Cake Factory, which never disappoints. (The Asian lettuce wraps are our absolute favorite! As well as the red velvet cheesecake-its a must have!)

We then went to AMC (there new reclining chairs are amazing!) and we saw Serenity...Not that great. Actually it was pretty bad. But none the less we loved getting to spend the day together!

Nothing to crazy, Just taking the time to enjoy one another's company! Luckily we have awesome friends who love spending time with our little guy so that we were able to make this day possible <3

This blog is obviously not photography related, but I wanted to change things up a bit.

A trip down memory lane. This was our first photo together when we started dating ------>

I want to say we were 15 and 16 in this photo but we could be 16 and 17

And then this past December we celebrated our Childs FIRST BIRTHDAY!

One of these days I will do a blog post telling my story about how I came to love photography. But for now, here is a small preview.

Because I had someone take these photos of us, I have them to look back on. Our son will get to see pictures of us when we were kids!

Everyone enjoys a nice posed family photo every once and a while, but what I am in love with is the candid moments. Moments where a family is just being silly and having fun together. Moments to be remembered!

Valentines day is almost here, I hope that you and your significant other get to have a nice night out enjoying each others company!

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Thanks for reading!

- MaePhotography

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